Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Our Promise

Western Primary School is an inclusive school. All our staff believe having high self-esteem is crucial to a child’s emotional well-being and academic progress. We have a caring, understanding team who look after all of our children. Having a child who may have Special Educational Needs or a disability can be very worrying for a parent.

At Western Primary School, we can offer a wide range of support for your child to ensure that all children make good progress and are happy in school.

The Inclusion Team

Kim Leach – SEND Co-ordinator (responsibility for Educational and Healthcare Plans)

Ellie Dean – SEND Co-ordinator

Marie Pykett – Inclusion Teacher

Sam Bates - HLTA Learning Support

Rachael Smith - HLTA Learning Support

Kelly Gelder – Child Counsellor

Being SEN

We understand that knowing your child has Special Educational Needs can be a worrying and anxious time. At Western Primary School we ensure that all children’s needs are met and will work in conjunction with parents towards a shared goal.

We have a number of ways to help us identify if a child needs extra help. These include:

This information will be used to ensure that we meet any additional needs your child may have. Once your child is in school we will monitor their progress and development. If we have concerns we may ask other professionals to give advice and support. All support programmes and contact with other agencies will be done in partnership with parents.

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