Western Primary School, Grimsby

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Primary School

Western Primary School, Grimsby Resource Based Provision

Mr Powles

Mrs Banard

Mr Blades

Miss Hill

The Western Primary Resource Base in a unit set up for children with emotional, social, behavioural and educational needs. The unit provides a wide range of support to help guide each young person individually back in to mainstream education. The unit has 3 sections covering all the national curriculum phases from UKS2

(Mr Blades) LKS2 (Mrs Jen/Mrs Kate) and KS1 (Mrs Chris/Mrs Snell) Our overall emphasis is to provide a nurturing environment and approach to enable a slow but successful reintegration.

School Day

Monday            8:45am until 2:30pm

Tuesday           8:45am until 2:30pm

Wednesday     8:45am until 2:30pm

Thursday          8:45am until 2:30pm

Friday               8:45am until 1:30pm

Our PE days are Monday for years 1, 2, 3 and 4 and Wednesday for years 5 and 6.

Mrs Snell

Miss Nicol

Mr Ben

Mrs Baker

Our Staff